Zymox Medicated Shampoo & Vitamin D3 12 oz.

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Zymoc Enzymatic Shampoo 12 oz
This effective shampoo was developed for pets experiencing minor bacterial and fungal skin infections. The first line of defense against infections microbes is the skin. Zymox Shampoo uses the most gentle&#44 non-drying cleaning agents available. We use only the mildest plant surfactants with protein based enzymes. Zymox Shampoo contains three enzymes to attack skin irritating microbes.

Three point enzyme system: Lactoferrin&#44 Lactoperoxidase and Lysozyme. Each enzyme has shown to be independently potent and when combined&#44 packs a powerful punch. This natural defense system is found and products in milk so is safe and gentle on your pet.

Directions: Wet animal thoroughly with water. Apply Zymox Shampoo directly or diluted at a ratio of 3 ounces shampoo to one gallon water. Wash entire animal&#44 concentrating on problem areas. Leave lather on for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse. Repeat if needed. Follow with Zymox Rinse for extra antimicrobial protection.

Ingredients: Water&#44 decyl glucoside&#44 lauryl glucoside&#44 cocamidopropyl betaine&#44 vitamins A&#44 vitamin B5&#44 vitamin E&#44 lysozyme&#44 lactoferrin&#44 lactoperoxidase&#44 zinc gluconate&#44 potassium iodide&#44 and natural fragrance.

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