World’s Best Litter Multi-Cat Lotus Blossom 28 lb.

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Say goodbye to mediocre litter and say hello to the World’s Best Multiple Cat Lotus Blossom Scented Clumping Corn Cat Litter. This powerful litter instantaneously traps odors left behind by your feline friend, and forms tight, easy-to-scoop clumps for 2x longer lasting odor control. That means you can spare your home from that foul smell and cleanup becomes a breeze! A natural, compressed corn formula is completely free of silica dust, so you and your family can breathe easy and it’s made with added natural botanicals for a pleasant light flora scent. This 99% dust-free litter won’t disturb your pouring with a dusty cloud! Plus, this formula is environmentally friendly—totally flushable, and safe for both septic and sewer systems. Feel good about what’s in your litter box with this pet, people and planet friendly litter.


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