Redpaw Balanced Fat Poultry 10 kilo. Pail

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Redpaw Balanced Fat Blend in a 3-gallon pail.

This blend of fats and oils provides your dog with the necessary fatty acids and sterols in the proper balance. These essential fatty acids maintain the functional integrity of cell membranes and are necessary for the proper immune and stress response. This balanced fat formula also aids in the digestion and metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates while yielding over 4000Kcal/lb. The benefits of using a blended fats are a balanced fatty acid profile with better results than any single source of fat. Proper mineral content for optimal utilization and liver digest for palatability.

INGREDIENTS: Poultry Fat (preserved with natural mixed tocopherols&#44 rosemary extract&#44 and citric acid)&#44 Coconut Oil&#44 Fish Oil&#44 Corn Oil&#44 Canola Oil&#44 Dried Liver Digest.

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