Prozyme Digestive Enzyme Supplement 1 lb.

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Prozyme 454 grams or 1 pound container. Prozyme Plus is an all-natural digestive enzyme supplement for dogs and cats that enhances the amount of nutrients your pet gains from their food. Many pet foods contain nutrients that become chemically trapped after being processed to extend shelf life&#44 and will simply pass through your pet's digestive system. The blend of plant enzymes featured in Prozyme Plus' unique formula unlock the trapped nutrients and enhance metabolic absorption. Your pet will gain those additional nutrients including protein&#44 carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. Prozyme Plus releases the nutrients in the small intestine&#44 where metabolic absorption takes place. There are no vitamins or minerals in Prozyme Plus that might upset the balance of pet food nutrition or create the risk of harmful&#44 excessive vitamin supplementation. Prozyme Plus is also safe to use with prescribed medication as it does not get absorbed into the blood stream. Prozyme Plus is lactose free&#44 which helps animals with sensitive digestive systems.

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