Lupine Piko X4 SmartCore Headlamp

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Piko X4 SmartCore Headlamp

THE HIGH-TECH WONDER.The Piko X4 SmartCore Headlamp has been completely redesigned to increase peripheral illumination and range.

The third generation of Piko shines with a full 1900 lumens&#44 weighs only 60g and has a separate diffused light for reading and camping. Paired with a long-lasting FastClick SmartCore battery&#44 Piko X4 SC is the ideal headlamp for trail-running&#44 cross-country skiing&#44 camping and caving.


  • Piko 1900 Lumen aluminum LED lamp head
  • 3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick Battery
  • Headband with FastClick Mount
  • Wiesel V4 Charger
  • Manual

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