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Your pet will always be part of the family. Always and forever cherish their memory with Pearhead’s pawprints memory box. This espresso, wooden box includes a 4” x 6” photo insert to display your best friend’s picture. Before your pet goes on to the rainbow bridge, make their print with the included 100% pet safe clay. The box includes one package of soft, air drying clay, a ruler for cutting, a roller, and double-sided tape. Simply knead the clay for 2-3 minutes and roll it out. Press your pet’s paw in the clay gently but hard enough to create an impression. If you make a mistake – no problem. You can redo it as many times as you need until you get the perfect impression. Once finished making the print, use the ruler to create a square around the impression. Then let dry for 1-2 days and use the double-sided tape to stick the print to the gray backboard mat. This keepsake memory box can be used as an urn to forever cherish your cat or dog. The lid of the box is hinged, making it simple to open and close and place the print, picture, and ashes inside. The large box will fit ashes for an animal up to 100lbs. You can also store your pet’s leash, collar, and favorite toys in this memory box for safe keeping. While your pet might be gone, their memory will forever live on and you can always keep them close with Pearhead’s pawprints memory box.

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