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Capture and cherish your furry friend’s paw print forever with Pearhead’s pawprints desk frame keepsake. This modern black photo frame includes everything you need to make your beloved pet’s paw print to display in your home or at the office. This keepsake photo frame works perfect for cats or dogs of all ages, all sizes and all breeds! The frame keepsake kit includes everything you need: one package of soft, air-drying clay, a ruler, and double-sided tape. The clay mold material requires no mixing and no baking! The clay mold is 100% pet safe. Simply knead the clay and roll out and press your pets’ paw into the clay mold firmly. If you make a mistake, no problem! You can redo the impression as many times as you need until you get the perfect pet print. Once finished, use the ruler to create a square around the impression and let dry for 24-48 hours. Use tape to stick impression into the included gray background board. Display your favorite 4”W x 6”H picture of your kitten or puppy next to his or her paw impression to create a keepsake you’ll be sure to love. This personalized pet frame is the perfect gift for any pet lover in your life. Whether you’ve spent years with your beloved pet or are a brand-new pet owner, this frame is a great way to cherish and remember your favorite buddy.

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