Nupro Joint Support

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Joint Supp


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NUPRO All Natural Dog Supplement (30oz or 5lb) is scientifically balanced formula that is high in vitamins&#44 minerals&#44 enzymes&#44 amino and fatty acids. NUPRO provides the necessary raw ingredients (missing from cooked and processed dog food)&#44 with easily digestible whole foods&#44 specially designed to condition your dog into first class health.

Daily feeding instructions:
Under 5 lbs&#44 &#frac14 Scoop
5-10 lbs&#44 &frac13 Scoop
10-20 lbs &frac12 Scoop
20-40 lbs&#44 1 Scoop
40-70 lbs&#44 1&frac12 Scoop
Over 70 lbs&#44 2 Scoop


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