Harness Taiga Standard

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Harness Taiga S

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Standard (Recreational) Taiga sliding X-Back Harness.

Great recreational harness with heavy-weight blue webbing and black fleece padding.

Other colors available by special order.

&#8226 X-Small 30-35lb or 13.5-15.9kg Black tug
&#8226 X-Small+ 35-40lb or 15.9-18.2kg Black/Green tug
&#8226 Small 40-45lb or 18.2-20.5kg Green tug
&#8226 Small/Medium 45-50lb or 20.5-22.7kg Green/Red tug
&#8226 Medium 50-55lb or 22.7-25.0kg Red tug
&#8226 Medium/Large 55-60lb or 25.0-27.3kg Red/Yellow tug
&#8226 Large 60-65lb or 27.3-29.5kg Yellow tug
&#8226 XL 70-75lb or 31.8-34.1kg Blue tug
&#8226 Large/XL 65-70lb or 29.5-31.8kg Yellow/Blue tug


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