Harness Taiga Low Impact

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Harness Taiga

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“Low Impact” (Traditional) sliding X-back harness from Taiga.

Lightweight 1200-lb test webbing&#44 1.9oz ripstop nylon wrap over 38” thick closed cell foam at the shoulders and &frac14″ at the underarms and breastplate.

Standard with red webbing and black padding. Other colors available by special order. Our most popular harness.

&#8226 Jumbo 1 80-85lb or 36.4-38.6kg Green/White tug
&#8226 Jumbo 2 85-90lb or 38.6-40.8kg Red/White tug
&#8226 Jumbo 3 90-100lb or 40.8-45.4kg Yellow/White tug
&#8226 Jumbo 4 100-110lb or 45.4-49.90kg Blue/White tug


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