DMSO Liquid 16 oz. 99%

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DMSO Liquid 16 oz bottle.
Clinic Services pure liquid DMSO is used for various applications.

Contains 100% DMSO which is 99.9% Pure Concentrate.

Liquid DMSO may be mixed with other extracts.

Used for various applications.

Dimethyl sulfoxide is soluble in all proportions in water and is also soluble in alcohol and ether. Pure DMSO freezes at room temperature (65 degrees F). This does not affect product quality. DMSO is often mixed with other extracts to enhance absorption.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. May cause skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes&#44 skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. In case of contact with eyes flush eyes immediately with water&#44 call a physician.

Directions: This product is intended to be used as a solvent only. The choice of the process used in various forms of application of this product is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Ingredients: DMSO/Dimethylsulfoxide 100%.

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