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Blue Heron 120 count

A detoxifying complex that has a combination of all-natural fibers and herbs that absorb and eliminate toxins&#44 thereby improving colon health. The balanced blend of dietary fiber&#44 nutritional herbs&#44 and probiotic microflora found in Blue Heron was formulated to offer a gentle&#44 convenient and effective intestinal support.

Blue Heron includes an Ayurvedic combination of herbs&#44 known as triphala&#44 to promote optimal digestive function. Blue Heron utilizes True Dispersion Technology to ensure the psyllium&#44 and other fibers&#44 are completely released and dispersed in the colon for enhanced benefits.

All components are fully released for optimum digestive results. No other psyllium fiber works as effectively as the psyllium in Blue Heron. Mushers use this amazing human product to help control diarrhea in dogs. Dose depends on severity, but can use 2 or 3 capsules as the first dose. Additional dosing can be given every feeding until stress is reduced.

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