Massage Balm For Working Dogs

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Algyval 200ml bottles ALGYVAL (pronunciation : Al’geevahl’) is a massage balm for sporting & working dogs. Massage ALGYVAL into the muscles to warm them up before competition and to aid recovery after the effort.

ALGYVAL can also be applied to painful joints or irritated area between the toes.

ALGYVAL may be very useful in recovery therapy for post-traumatic&#44 post-fractural and post-surgical pain.

ALGYVAL can be applied several times daily&#44 for 5 to 10 minutes each time.

Use long and gentle massage against the direction of the hair growth.

Use enough ALGYVAL so it penetrates the hair and reaches the skin. Then the cutaneous penetration is good and ALGYVAL can go to work on sore muscles beneath the skin.

For painful joints&#44 it may be advisable to apply a saturated compress (or wrist wrap) held in place with a bandage. Renew every twelve hours&#44 to increase the contact time with ALGYVAL.

COMPOSITION:100 ml contains: Hyperoxygenated ARACHIS HYPOGEA (peanut extract)&#44 93 ml&#44 Rosemary oil sufficient for &#44 100 ml

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