Acana Appalachian Ranch Dry Dog Food

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Acana Appalachi


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Acana Appalachian Ranch Dry Dog Food. RANCH-RAISED MEAT & FRESHWATER CATFISH
Honoring the Appalachian ranching heritage, this region-inspired food is loaded with ranch-raised beef, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, plains bison, and freshwater catfish.
Delivered FRESH or RAW in Wholeprey ratios, and brimming with goodness, ACANA Appalachian Ranch features a rich diversity of meat, tripe, liver, kidney, and cartilage or bone that mirror your dog’s evolutionary diet and nourish peak health naturally, without the need for long lists of synthetic ingredients and supplements.
Prepared in our Kentucky DogStar Kitchen, ACANA Appalachian Ranch keeps your dog healthy, happy, and strong.
Read our ingredients and you’ll feel healthy too!


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