1/2 Teaspoon Per Dog Per Day Psyllium 95%

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Psyllium 95%


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Psyllium Husk 1lb, 5lb,, 10lb, or 25lb tubs.

For the treatment of constipation&#44 megacolon&#44 large bowel diarrhea&#44 inflammatory bowel disease&#44 and anal gland disease.

Psyllium is made from the fibrous coating of a plant seed. It passes through the intestines undigested and in the colon absorbs water and swells making the stool larger and softer. The increased bulk in the colon stimulates intestinal contractions and bowel movements. May take 72 hours to start seeing effects. Has also been used to increase stool size to help with recurring anal gland problems. The increased bulk of the stool helps to put more pressure on the glands so they express themselves.

Usual Dose and Administration

Dogs: 2-10 grams every 12-24 hours as needed by mouth. Mix with wet food.
Cats: 1-4 grams every 12-24 hours as needed by mouth. Mix with wet food.
Amount and frequency depends on response to treatment and reason for treatment.
&#42&#42NOTE: The powder form has 3.4 grams per rounded teaspoonful.


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