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Rex (Fast Trax) Plastics

Fast Trax™ plastic is intended for use in Rex™ aluminum sled runners. Available in five colors and two widths. The following are guidlines for using the various colors. These are guidlines only as snow type/condition is as important as temperature.

Blue - All around good plastic with high wear quality. Excellent on average trail conditions. The high wear quality make this runner plastic a great choice in abrasive trail conditions. Best temperature range: -15°F to +30°F.

Yellow - Favorite for training as it costs less. Best in average snow conditions. Moderately cold temperatures. Best temperature range: 0°F to +40°F. Works again at -35°F and colder.

Dark Gray - Our newest formula. Also has a very high wear quality. Developed for use in very cold conditions. Works well in a broad range of temperatures. Great for cold, windblown snow and hard pulling conditions. Best temperature range: -50°F to +25°F.

White - "White Lighting" White FT is for cold abrasive snow conditions. It will still slide well when scuffed from a rough trail. It has lubricating additives that reduce friction and keep surfacing out as it is sliding. It is a softer plastic, but contrary to most belief, soft plastic is often better in extreme cold.

Light Gray - Self-lubricating as it slides across the snow.Best used in warmer temps and wet, sticky snow. We learned, from testing on the Iditarod, this plastic works well on the salty coastal snow. Best temperature range: +10°F to +40°F.

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