Welcome to Cold Spot for Healthy Pets

About Us

Cold Spot Feeds Inc. was started on a whim in the mid 1980’s by owner Connie Dubay during a late-night conversation regarding the need for an affordable dog food for the long-distance dog mushers in the area.  National Pet Foods was contacted concerning the development of a specialized high-protein/fat dog food that would be used for the annual World-Class racing events like the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.  A deal was struck and the very first truck load of dog food from National rolled into Fairbanks Alaska in 1986—the intimate beginnings of our 27-years in business.


The first Cold Spot Feeds store was originally located in a single bedroom of our home in Fairbanks.  From those humble beginnings in that small bedroom we expanded into the garage, and then into the first and second retail stores and now reside in a beautiful 22,400 sq./ft. building that employs dozens of  Cold Spot team members.  Connie and her team members share the passion of taking care of our community, providing top-grade products and ensuring that our knowledgeable team provides the best customer service in Alaska.


As time has passed we continued to expand the business as our customer’s needs have increased from local retailing to include a full mail order department, website, mushing gear production and just recently a premium Pet Grooming and training facility. In terms of merchandise we carry over 70 different brands of dog food, 1000’s of pet accessories, animal supplements, large animal feed, Made-in-the-USA merchandise and 100’s of unique items that are researched and purchased by our top-notch buying team.


We also specialize in providing the mushing community with all of their gear needs—anything from sleds, runners, harnesses, mainlines, tuglines, coats, and booties and we have the ability to produce any variety of special-order items.  Cold Spot Feeds Inc. has become known as the “World’s Largest Dog Mushing Store” and we currently service customers on all 6 continents and have even provided gear for expeditions on the 7th continent—Antarctica!!


As Cold Spot Feeds transitions into the newly re-branded Cold Spot—“For Healthy Pets” our commitment and dedication to you the customer will continue to be our top priority.  We demand excellence in all that we do and hope that you will continue to support us as we continue to expand and support our community.